This recent abstract series reflects my concern about the deep divides in our country. Compelling and timely, these paintings are visual interpretations of our current fractured political climate as well as our shared aspirations for our democracy.

Times Up Series

First ignited by famous women who leveled sexual harassment, assault, and abuse charges against powerful men, Times Up is now a broad-based movement of countless brave women sharing their own stories, insisting to be heard, and demanding accountability. The paintings in this group, forceful and bold, reflect the cries of women then and now.

In a word, no.  No more.  Time's Up.

Pink Wave series

The Pink Wave paintings celebrate the record numbers of women running for office in 2018, from local seats to the highest levels of government. Women of all stripes, so grossly underrepresented, are taking the bold, brave steps to fulfill the inclusive promise of our democracy. These abstract painted waves, with the energy of hot pinks and oranges, reflect diversity, strength and unstoppable movement. One wave follows another, a force of nature.